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Electronic Hearing Protection Wingshooter AlphaShield

$1,399.00 / Pair Why the price?

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Advanced hearing enhancement and protection devices optimized for waterfowl, upland and clay shooting. Includes our 90 level technology - customized for your specific hearing levels; wind noise cancellation.

Wingshooter AlphaShield $1,399.00 / Pair


Apex Ammunition - Upland Bird TSS - 28 Gauge 2-3/4" 3/4 oz #7-1/2 shot 


Apex Ammunition - Upland Bird TSS - 20 Gauge 3" 3/4 oz #8 shot
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For years, manufacturers have expected hunters to take a “one-device-fits-all” approach to hearing protection and enhancement. As hunters ourselves, we know that doesn’t work. No two hunts are alike, and your hearing protection shouldn’t be, either. Whether your passion is calling in mallards, flushing upland birds, or smashing clay targets, TETRA is dedicated to protecting your hearing, while helping you “Hear The Hunt.” 

At TETRA, we used our patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO) to isolate the exact frequencies associated with  a variety of pursuits and created custom programs to enhance the sounds you most need/want to hear - like voices, duck calls, and flushing birds - and protect you from those you don’t, like loud gun shots. Now, with our wingshooting device, you can get custom programming in one convenient device, and changing between programs is as easy as one simple tap.
TETRA isn’t just hearing protection, it’s hearing perfection.

Easy to use:
  • Extremely comfortable to wear all day
  • Change programs with push of a button
  • Battery operated
  • Wingshooter AlphaShield right and left
  • 3 pursuit/4 total programs (Waterfowl, Waterfowl Boost, Upland, and Range/Clay)
  • Waterproof hard carrying case
  • Pack of size 10 batteries
  • Cleaning tool
  • 2 smaller pocket-sized soft cases
  • Left and right silicone tips (small/medium/large)
  • Left and right medical-grade memory-foam tips (small/medium/large)

    Our Technology

    Specialized Target Optimization

    Our hearing devices feature patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO). STO is the world’s first hearing technology that isolates and enhances the exact frequencies needed to improve hearing for your specific hunting environment. With STO, voices are clear, calling sounds natural, and the sounds of the game you are pursuing are all easily audible.

    Tetra Wings Shooter

    4 Pursuit-based programs in one device

    • Waterfowl Boost
    • Waterfowl Magnum
    • 1 Upland Boost
    • 1 Clay Shooting

    TETRA products instantly shut down and instantly recover for sudden loud noises, like gunshots, providing the wearer full protection at the very moment it’s needed. For more sustained loud inputs, like loud calling, AlphaShield Compression® limits the overall output to a safe level, then returns to normal amplification once the loud input has stopped. Never miss a sound you want to hear, and protect your hearing for life.

    ClearComm™  is our proprietary algorithm that accentuates human speech while minimizing noises and distractions that occur outside of the frequency range of human voices. ClearComm is useful for better understanding speech and whispers of hunting partners, hearing speech on the range, as well as in other daily activities that require better hearing.

    Compare Models

      60-Level 75-Level
    Amp Series Only
    90-Level Multi-pursuit
    AlphaShield Compression
    Specialized Target Optimization
    Personalized Hearing Program
    Voice Prompts
    Wind Noise Cancellation
    Adjustable Volume Levels



    ClearComm Program
    Weather-Resistant Nanocoating
    Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
    12 Channel
    14 Channel
    16 Channel
    16 Channel
    Noise Reduction
    Basic Advanced Multi-channel
    Feedback Cancellation
    3G 4G 5G 5G
    Unique Pursuit Programs Single

    *One volume setting with each pursuit, based on your hearing test results.


    Hearing and the Brain

    Research at Johns Hopkins University suggests that more hearing loss increases the risk of dementia. In one study, people with hearing loss were 24% more likely to have Alzheimer’s.* 

    With hearing loss, our brains have to work much harder to make sense of what is being said, and even harder to filter out speech from unwanted background noise. Simply trying to understand conversations requires more mental energy and concentration. 

    If basic conversations take up most of our mental energy, there is less opportunity for our brains to sort out and store other information. 

    At TETRA, our goal is to minimize hearing loss for hunters and shooters, because research shows if we reduce hearing loss, we can also reduce the chance of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    *Source: Lin, F. et al. (2011), Hearing loss and incident dementia. Arch Neurol, 68(2):214-220.

    30 Day Guarantee

    You'll love your new TETRA Hearing™ devices or you'll get your money back. Try them for 30 days, risk free.

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    Jarett C.
    United States United States

    Top notch hearing protection

    I bet you are here reading reviews after experiencing sticker shock when you saw the pricing for TETRA devices…it’s the exact same thing I did a couple of months ago. I remember thinking who in their right mind would spend this much money on something that replaces cheap foam ear plugs? I’m 27 with close to perfect hearing. The only reason I started looking into upping my game with hearing protection is because of my father. He is 65 years old, a life long hunter/shooter, and now has to live with loss of hearing and tinnitus. I am trying to protect my future self, so I decided to take the plunge on TETRA. I have used them on various hunts and trips to the range over the last month and have nothing bad to say. Specialized Target Optimization (STO) with TETRA is incredibly dialed in. It enhances what you need to hear, yet is always ready to immediately compress loud sounds like gunshots. The transition between optimizing sound and compressing sound is immediate and seamless. I love wearing these at the range because I do not have to worry about taking them in and out for conversations. During hunts, TETRA’s STO ensures your ability to hear crucial noises like bird flushes are not impacted. This is something I was incredibly doubtful of before putting them to the test. I was proved wrong. TETRA is an investment worth making. Protect your irreplaceable hearing before it’s too late. TETRA is not overpriced. Go look at the cost of quality custom hearing aids and you will quickly realize that TETRA is a bargain. Us hunters spend thousands on guns, ammo, camo, blaze orange, decoys, calls, and the list goes on and on. This needs to be your next purchase. Last but not least, TETRA’s customer service is incredible. I have so many more great things I could say but this review is already too long. Invest in yourself, protect your hearing, and enhance your hunting/shooting experience.

    TETRA Hearing Devices for Hunting Wingshooter AlphaShield ReviewTETRA Hearing Devices for Hunting Wingshooter AlphaShield Review
    Jeremy V.
    United States United States

    Amazing sound and noise suppression

    Tetra was the first premium ear device that I have used but the clarity of conversations, bird and Range noises is fantastic. Wind and gun fire is minimized which allows me to focus on upland hunting with my dog and focusing on clays at the range. Often I forget I’m wearing my Tetras because of the great fit and sound quality. The product is a s good as described.

    Jeremy V.
    United States United States

    Amazing sound and noise suppression

    Tetra was the first premium ear device that I have used but the clarity of conversations, bird and Range noises is fantastic. Wind and gun fire is minimized which allows me to focus on upland hunting with my dog and focusing on clays at the range. Often I forget I’m wearing my Tetras because of the great fit and sound quality. The product is a s good as described.

    James C.
    United States United States

    Tetra Wingshooter

    Really like them, so far have only used them for clay shooting but looking forward to hunting season

    Jefferson W.
    United States United States

    Good things do come in small packages

    Dislikes: 1) Price 2) I wish the battery door were made of metal instead of plastic. It seems fragile. Likes: 1) Sound suppression of gunshots 2) Amplification of human voices. I can hear someone speaking in a normal voice 20+ yards away. 3) Correction for hearing loss. 4) Wind noise filtering. This is a must feature for upland bird hunting. 5) Amplification of clay thrower sound. I can pick up the target earlier. 6) Comfort: It's almost more comfortable wearing them than when they are removed. 7) Battery life: I don't worry about the batteries dying during a day of wearing. 8) Customer service: Mine were specially programmed to go from Upland, Upland Amplified, Clays, Waterfowl. Quick turnaround too. 9) Untested: Amplified bird wing sound. Being able to pick up the sound of bird wings flapping in stereo sound should allow me to locate birds more quickly, compensating for my slowing reflexes. 10) Small size when installed. They don't interfere with my shotgun stock or hats.