Our Story

TETRA Hearing™ was conceived and founded by Bill Dickinson, Au.D. and David Gnewikow, Ph.D. With 50 years combined experience in the hearing care industry and 80 years combined experience hunting, these two hearing doctors brought their knowledge, experience, ideas and passions together to form TETRA. There were two driving ideas behind TETRA:

  • Perfected Protection: 86% of hunters don’t wear hearing protection while hunting. Over our careers of helping patients with hearing loss, we’ve seen what a lifetime of noise exposure from hunting does to the hearing, and the lives of our patients. We set out with the goal of developing hearing technology that hunters would actually wear and use. Our products are premium technology, comfortable, and give hunters a natural hearing experience, while still protecting their hearing.
  • Targeted Enhancement: A lifetime of noise exposure from hunting, loud equipment, motors and more can rob us of our hunting edge. Hearing loss makes it harder to detect our game and almost impossible to tell distance and direction. We developed our patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO), the world’s first hearing technology designed optimize hearing for hunters in their specific hunting environments. TETRA gives hunters an edge and gives them their edge back.

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TETRA is committed to premium technology, premium hearing experience, and premium customer service. 

TETRA isn’t just hearing protection. It’s hearing perfection.

Meet the Doctors

David Gnewikow, Ph.D.


Dr. Gnewikow earned a master’s and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in audiology and hearing science. Over his career, David has performed, published and presented research, served on faculty at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and owned and operated his own practice for 13 years.

David is a passionate outdoorsman, and claims duck hunting as his favorite pursuit. He’s also spent a few days in a bass boat, winning 5 boats, a truck, and more than $300k fishing bass tournaments. Dr. G loves hiking and archery hunting as well, but claims two loves greater than the outdoors: “I am a Jesus-follower, and love my family above all else. My career and my hunting and fishing have been great, but at the end of the day, I am about God and family. I pray that my successes and failures bring Him the glory.”

Bill Dickinson, AuD


Dr. Dickinson earned his bachelor and master’s degree from Michigan State University and his AuD degree from Central Michigan University. Throughout his career, Bill has been recognized nationally and internationally as an industry expert in hearing technologies, as well as a leading authority on individuals and families experiencing hearing loss.

Bill’s love for the outdoors has been a life-long pursuit of game and fish, across the globe. He has seen the sun rise from amazing locales: like a flooded AR timber hole, or with a bow overlooking a MI thicket, or chasing his German Shorthair Pointers in North Dakota grass, or stalking a Himalayan Tahr on top of a New Zealand mountain. If it’s chasable, Bill’s willing.

With all his professional success and his love for the variety of fun to be had in the outdoors, Bill easily defines his true passion in life: “I’m my kids dad, Lisa’s husband, and a God-loving Christian. And I’m well aware those first two were directly handed over from the latter.”