TETRA Hearing takes great pride in being MADE IN THE USA. Not only do we believe that American workers build the best, most technologically advanced products, but we also want to support American families and American communities.  

TETRA’s Co-founder Dr. Bill Dickinson, AuD grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, during the time when Saginaw was a prosperous General Motors town and the state of Michigan as the automobile capital of the world was the nations’ leader of MADE IN THE USA manufacturing. In fact, the first time Bill ever rode in a foreign car, he was a sophomore in college! Dr. D was raised with first had knowledge of how MADE IN THE USA directly impacts local families and the significant loss that has occurred in this nation with so much manufacturing moving overseas. Supporting American families and American values is why Bill has held an unwavering commitment to have all TETRA Hearing products proudly MADE IN THE USA, often in defiance of many “business advisors” who advocated for TETRA Hearing to have products manufactured overseas at a considerable cost savings. 

Hunters and shooters love to see that TETRA is based outside of Nashville, TN and our products are made, programmed, and shipped all from an American business. It gives customers the confidence to know we are easily available and willing to answer questions and support before and after the sales.  Just like our customers, TETRA was built by hard core hunters and outdoorsman, who hold Faith, Family and American ideals as our guiding compass. TETRA Hearing was founded to allow people to live their best lives, is dedicated to helping our customers always “Hear the Hunt” and we will do so with TETRA products proudly MADE IN THE USA.