By: Bill Dickinson, AuD
Co-Founder, TETRA Hearing™

Most people know Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) offers sweet tax deals, but they also offer other important benefits you might not have considered, like becoming a more successful hunter, protecting your hearing, and decreasing your risk of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s. How so? You can use your HSA funds to purchase TETRA devices, which help with all of the above. The process is as simple as: 

    • Option 1: Enter your HSA bank card in the payment information at checkout. Keep your receipt in case your HSA administrator asks for verification.
    • Option 2: If your HSA bank card is not accepted, you may purchase your TETRAs using an alternate payment method, then submit your receipt to your administrator for reimbursement. 


    Shooting more ducks, deer and turkeys with tax-free money is about as good as it gets for most hunters! 

    TETRA's hearing technology is based off the same sound processing strategies found in most high-end hearing aids. In fact, TETRA uses the very same circuits found in most hearing aids costing $5,000 or more. Additionally, because we can custom program your devices for your individual hearing needs, all TETRA's hearing devices qualify as an eligible HSA expense. That means the money you’re putting in tax-free to your HSA account can be used to purchase the industry-leading hearing technology designed specially for hunters and shooters. 

    At TETRA, we’re hard-core hunters just like you. We’re also the outdoor industry experts in sound and ear function. As hearing docs, we understand what the brain needs to hear in order to tell a gobble’s location or direction, or determine when a big buck is quietly sneaking behind you where your eyes can’t see. We also know exactly how to protect your ears so that next barrel-burner dove, duck or goose hunt doesn’t hurt your ears, which can then damage your brain. At TETRA, we understand that you don’t just hear with your ears – you hear with your brain. The ear is the most significant gateway providing your brain with information from the world around you – at work, home or play. 

    Simply put, hearing is healthcare, and hearing loss is by no means an inconsequential part of the aging process. Protecting your hearing while hunting is as much about protecting your brain as it is about protecting your ear. This is exactly why it makes so much sense to use your HSA funds toward getting your edge back and protecting your future with TETRA's hearing technology. Commitment to good healthcare is about enjoying today, so you may have more time tomorrow chasing your passions and hearing life wherever those passions take you. 

    Feel free to connect with us if you have any questions about using your HSA funds to purchase TETRA. We’re here to help so you may better “Hear The Hunt.”