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In efforts to work with like-minded brands, our partnership with great folks across the industry has evolved in a way that together we're not only the standard in Outdoor Hearinng, but also to protect younger ears and brains, so those wild sounds and important conversations may be heard across the lifespan. To further support these partnerships, the team at TETRA created the ‘E.A.R.S Program' to cater to the new initiative.



Legends Program by TETRA Hearing™

We all know legends are made, not born, so the ‘TETRA Legends Program’ was designed out of necessity, helping bridge the gap between being true sportsmen and women, leading conservationist and being the change-agent when it comes to a lifetime of healthy and protected hearing afield. This program was created in support of members of Ducks Unlimited Collegiate Chapters, with the focus to ‘Set the Standard’ in wearing Hearing Protection, and the goal of this being to generate revenue for each individualized Campus Chapter within the Ducks Unlimited Collegiate Waterfowl program.

TETRA Hearing “Future Flyway” Scholarship

As the innovation leader in hearing technology, TETRA Hearing™ supports continued education, as well as personal growth relative to conservation of all resources for that next generation. There is no better example of future leaders than the DU Collegiate Campus Chapters, especially those that attended Third Term committing their time and leadership roles across their collegiate and hunting communities. To both reward and encourage these early leaders, TETRA Hearing™ is proud to announce the ‘Future Flyway Scholarship’, a $1,250 unrestricted scholarship award that will be given out annually to one [1] candidate who best meets exemplary standards of Future Leaders. The Future Flyway Scholarship criteria and application will be forthcoming,as the application deadline is April 1, 2023 and the scholarship will be announced at the DUX 2023 event.

Duck-U Program by TETRA Hearing™

College is the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, as well as a fundamental period of self-identity and develop a lifelong network of relationships. The ‘Duck-U Program’ was invented with this very concept in mind, created specifically for the collegiate waterfowler. Designed to encourage that next generation hunter to not only wear, but become advocates and TETRA Legends within their Chapter and hunting community, that wearing Hearing Protection is the new standard in responsible hunting. The ‘Duck-U Program’ by TETRA Hearing™ is a highly discounted TETRA package that addresses affordability and rewards the Ducks Unlimited Collegiate Waterfowl Chapters, and their membership. Moving forward, exclusive packages and rewards will be offered to active collegiate DU members.