Hearing Enhancer for Hunting Multi-Pursuit AmpPods

$1,599.00 / Pair Why the price?

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Advanced hearing devices optimized to enhance the most critical sounds for deer, elk, and turkey hunters. Includes our 90 level technology - customized for your specific hearing levels with wind noise cancellation.

Multi-Pursuit AmpPods $1,599.00 / Pair
For years, manufacturers have expected hunters to take a “one-device-fits-all” approach to hearing protection and enhancement. As hunters ourselves, we know that doesn’t work. No two hunts are alike, and neither are two ears. Our CustomShield devices are custom molded for the most personalized fit possible. Whether your passion is calling in mallards, flushing upland birds, or smashing clay targets, TETRA is dedicated to protecting your hearing, while helping you “Hear The Hunt.” 

At TETRA, we used our patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO) to isolate the exact frequencies associated with a variety of pursuits and created custom programs to enhance the sounds you most need/want to hear - like voices, duck calls, and flushing birds - and protect you from those you don’t, like loud gun shots. Now, with our wingshooting device, you can get all the custom programming in one convenient device, and changing between programs is as easy as one simple tap.

TETRA isn’t just hearing protection, it’s hearing perfection.

Easy to use:

  • Custom-molded to the exact shape and contour of your ear
  • Extremely comfortable to wear all day
  • Change programs with the push of a button
  • Adjustable volume control wheel
  • Battery operated or rechargeable


  • Wingshooter CustomShield right and left
  • 3 pursuit/4 total programs (Waterfowl, Waterfowl Boost, Upland, and Range/Clay)
  • Waterproof hard carrying case
  • Pack of size 13 batteries (included with replaceable battery devices)
  • 120V/USB plug charging box (included with rechargeable battery devices)
  • Cleaning tool
  • Replacement wax guards
  • 2 smaller pocket-sized soft cases
  • Detachable lanyard


Our Technology

Specialized Target Optimization
Our hearing devices feature patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO). STO is the world’s first hearing technology that isolates and enhances the exact frequencies needed to improve hearing for your specific hunting environment. The STO deer program accentuates grunts, bleats and those cautious footsteps of deer. The STO turkey program accentuates gobbles, clucks and purrs. The STO elk program accentuates bugles. Each program keeps other sounds at normal, natural levels.

Tetra AmpPods Multi-Pursuit

6 Pursuit-based programs in one device

  • Turkey
  • Turkey Magnum
  • Elk
  • Deer
  • Deer Magnum
  • Clearcomm

TETRA AmpPods are premium hearing enhancement devices. To reduce the impact of loud noise, AmpPods use AlphaShield Compression technology to shut off instantly with a gunshot or other loud sound. AmpPods suppress the volume of the gunshot significantly compared to an open ear. However, because AmpPods do not create a total and tight seal in the ear, they are not designed as hearing protection devices.

ClearComm™ is our proprietary algorithm that accentuates human speech while minimizing noises and distractions that occur outside of the frequency range of human voices. ClearComm is useful for better understanding speech and talking with shooting partners as well as in other daily activities that require better hearing. 


How We Localize Sound

Hunters, and the animals we hunt, are designed with two ears, so brains gather different information in each ear with slightly different clues. Because ears are on opposite sides of the head, the sounds heard by either ear will vary in timing, volume, and frequency. These differences are the clues your brain uses to decode a sound’s location.

Let’s say sound is coming from the left: 

Variations in Timing: That sound hits the left ear milliseconds before hitting the right ear.

Variations in Loudness: That sound will be slightly louder in the left ear than the right ear.

Variations in Frequency: Because the head blocks some frequencies, the left ear will get all the frequencies, while the right ear gets less frequency information.

At TETRA, our hearing scientists have designed AmpPod technology to maximize your hearing clues in both ears.

30 Day Guarantee

You'll love your new TETRA Hearing™ devices or you'll get your money back. Try them for 30 days, risk free.

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Alejandro P.
Canada Canada


Haven’t worn them to hunt but you would get used to having them in the ears in no time and wouldn’t even notice they’re in

Thomas F.
United States United States

A Great experience!

I recently purchased a set of Tetra turkey ampods as my hearing has lost some ability to hear sounds required to hunt the wild turkeys.Luckily I live fairly close to Tetra headquarters and the ride over was well worth it.I dealt with Matt ,William ,and Dr.Bill and they were nothing but professional and I felt like we had been friends for years when I left.They made sure I was comfortable with the units and knew how to use them before I left.Our season has only been open a few days but I can already tell a world of difference!I have already heard turkeys gobbling and strutting that I wouldn’t have heard before.As my old friend Cuz Strickland said “these are a game changer”.In closing ,anyone who is having trouble hearing turkeys like you used to GET YOU SOMEOFTHESE!

Randy L.
United States United States

Pretty good

They work good except when the wind blows, they change programs constantly. Ok otherwise

Anthony C.
United States United States

Multi Pursuit Amp Pods

I have hunted with the Amp Pods since January. I have to say I can't believe what sounds I have been missing. Compared to the other brand of hearing enhancement I had been using the Amp Pods sound enhancement can't even be compared. Even better than the Amp Pods is the customer service Tetra has. I did have an issue with one of the devices and they had one in the mail to replace it that very same day. I am a Tetra customer for life!!

David S.
United States United States

Multi Pursuit Amp Pods

I am amazed at everything I have been missing in the woods. I have also been wearing them around the house as well. I would highly recommend the amppods!