Clinical Affiliate Program


Work directly with like-minded professionals


Help folks in the medical field to offer our innovative technology


Assist their patients to hear the sounds they need afield


Welcome to the 2023 TETRA Hearing™ ‘Clinical Affiliate Program’. This program is the next step for TETRA Hearing™, to work directly with like-minded professionals that live and breath hearing and to help folks in the medical field to offer our innovative technology to assist their patients to hear the sounds they need afield. 

When we set out to build TETRA Hearing™ just over three years ago we never expected to change the hunt and make as large of an impact as we have. To-date we have outfitted and protected over 20,000 ears, bringing new life to their experience and adventures in the great outdoors. TETRA Hearing™ was conceived and founded by Bill Dickinson, Au.D. and David Gnewikow, Ph.D. With 50 years combined experience in the hearing care industry and 80 years combined experience hunting, these two hearing doctors brought their knowledge, experience, ideas and passions together to form TETRA. 

There were two driving ideas behind TETRA Hearing™:

Perfected Protection: 86% of hunters don’t wear hearing protection while hunting. Over our careers of helping patients with hearing loss, we’ve seen what a lifetime of noise exposure from hunting does to the hearing, and the lives of our patients. We set out with the goal of developing hearing technology that hunters would actually wear and use. Our products are premium technology, comfortable, and give hunters a natural hearing experience, while still protecting their hearing.

Targeted Enhancement: A lifetime of noise exposure from hunting, loud equipment, motors and more can rob us of our hunting edge. Hearing loss makes it harder to detect our game and almost impossible to tell distance and direction. We developed our patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO), the world’s first hearing technology designed to optimize hearing for hunters in their specific hunting environments. TETRA gives hunters an edge and gives them their edge back.

The ‘Clinical Affiliate Program’ by TETRA Hearing™ is designed to provide a 10% referral fee that goes directly to the clinician; then customer orders are generated through the TETRA website with a provided ‘Clinical Affiliate' code that can be used to track referrals from that specific clinician throughout the calendar year. Once ready to ship, TETRA can send either directly to the customer as a ‘drop-ship’ or to the clinic.

As a turnkey solution for our ‘Clinical Affiliates’, the team at TETRA Hearing™ is responsible for device programming, tweaks, repairs, etc throughout the lifespan. 

To get you started on the journey to become a TETRA Hearing™ ‘Clinical Affiliate’, we will schedule a virtual onboarding to provide the latest information on our technology and device offerings. The goal of this process is to make sure you are comfortable in knowing how we are very different from any other technology on the market for both hunters, shooters and anyone who encounters harmful decibel levels on a regular basis. 

In terms of marketing support, the team at TETRA Hearing™, has created a digital and linear marketing package for our ‘Clinical Affiliates’ that can be used through your platforms or in-person at you clinic to be used as visual aid. The goal of our marketing support from TETRA is to provide you with the This includes, but is not limited to the following items, as we continue to evolve, we want our ‘Clinical Affiliates’ to have the latest assets and communication to make the process seamless. 

. ‘Clinical Affiliate’ Address and URL to be added to ‘Find an AuD Near You on the tetrahearing.com Website

. TETRA ‘Clinical Affiliate’ Now Available Logo and URL to be provided to add to Affiliates Website

. Supporting Educational Displays to be provided to the Affiliate for in-Clinic use

. Supporting Digital content to be used through clinic social and media platforms 

Lastly, you’ll be inserted into our quarterly ‘Clinical Affiliate’ Newsletter to get a ‘first look’, updates and latest technology that TETRA Hearing has to offer. 

Annually, the team at TETRA Hearing™ will assess by volume the current ‘Clinical Affiliate Program’ and performance of each individual clinic by region. Leading ‘Clinical Affiliates’ will have the opportunity to become a ‘Clinical Distributor’, providing 20% margin to clinicians. The same ordering process will apply as before.

Please let the team at TETRA Hearing™ know what you think and if you have any further questions and we look forward to having you on the team!

Become a TETRA Clinical Affiliate


Clinical Affiliate Tool


Since we produce full shell custom in-ear monitors a full impression is required for each ear, which includes a the full helix, crus of the helix, tragus and antitragus. Cord exits above tragus so leave a little but of extra material in theis area. Ear impressio also must be taken past the SECOND BEND of the ear canal. (Please check for inflammation or excess ear wax.)

We require silicone ear impression material that's medium to high viscosity. (We do not accept powder and liquid material, not Westone X-ACT red silicone material)

To achieve a better seal in the final product we require an OPEN MOUTH impression using a 1"-2" bite block, which will help reduce jaw movement during the curing process.