Land Management CustomShield

$2,149.00 / Pair Why the price?

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Land Management CustomShield $2,149.00 / Pair

Electronic hearing protection (such as TETRA Hearing products) can be a good middle ground between adequate hearing protection and still being able to safely hear things. By using our products, you can be sure they will block noise above the safe hearing threshold. But as soon as you stop, they will allow you to hear normally (or even better). This eliminates the need to put them in and take them out constantly. As an example, let’s say you’re cutting firewood or removing trees for a food plot on your property. While the chainsaw is in use, our AlphaShield Compression technology limits the overall noise to a safe level so your ears are protected. But when you stop the saw, our Specialized Target Optimization (STO) technology makes voices and other ambient noises sound crisp, clear, and natural (not over-amplified and buzzy), even though the products are still in your ear canal.


When it comes to land management hearing protection, don’t take shortcuts – not when your hearing is on the line. As we mentioned, it only takes a single exposure or a couple of minutes for a loud sound to permanently damage your hearing levels. Don’t let that happen while you’re out doing what you love on a property you can call your own.

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