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Hearing Enhancer for Hunting

Turkey AmpPods

$699.00 / Pair Why the price?

Advanced hearing devices optimized to enhance the most critical sounds for the turkey hunter.

Turkey AmpPods $699.00 / Pair
30 Day Guarantee
You'll love your new TETRA devices or you'll get your money back. Try them for 30 days, risk free.
30 Day Guarantee
You'll love your new TETRA devices or you'll get your money back. Try them for 30 days, risk free.
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Hearing is one of the turkey hunter’s most precious assets. Detecting and locating that distant gobbler can mean the difference in filling your tag or going home empty-handed. TETRA AmpPods were designed by turkey hunters for turkey hunters. TETRA scientists analyzed the acoustical signatures of turkey vocalizations, and using our patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO) developed an algorithm to specifically enhance gobbles, clucks and purrs. AmpPods will help you not only hear that gobbler from further away, but judge the distance, and better pinpoint his location while reducing unwanted sounds and noise. Years of hunting and noise exposure can cause hearing loss and take away our edge in the woods. Get your edge back with TETRA AmpPods.

Hunting is hard...
Hearing shouldn’t be.
Easy to use:
  • Extremely comfortable to wear all day
  • Change programs with a tap of your finger
  • Battery operated

  • Turkey AmpPods right and left
  • Waterproof carrying case
  • Left and right silicone tips
  • Pack of batteries
  • Cleaning tool
  • 2 smaller pocket-sized soft cases

Our Technology

Specialized Target Optimization
Our hearing devices feature patent pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO). STO is the world’s first hearing technology that isolates and enhances the exact frequencies needed to improve hearing for your specific hunting environment. STO accentuates gobbles, clucks and purrs, while keeping other sounds at normal, natural levels.

TETRA AmpPods are premium hearing enhancement devices. To reduce the impact of loud noise, AmpPods use AlphaShield Compression technology to shut off instantly with a gunshot or other loud sound. AmpPods suppress the volume of the gunshot significantly compared to an open ear. However, because AmpPods do not create a total and tight seal in the ear, they are not designed as hearing protection devices.

ClearComm™ is our proprietary algorithm that accentuates human speech while minimizing noises and distractions that occur outside of the frequency range of human voices. ClearComm is useful for better understanding speech and talking with shooting partners, hearing speech on the range, as well as in other daily activities that require better hearing. 

Compare Models 60 vs 90

Personalized Hearing Program
Voice Prompts
Wind Noise Cancellation
ClearComm Program
AlphaShield Compression
Specialized Target Optimization
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Noise Reduction
Feedback Cancellation

Which is right for you?

90-Level 60-Level
16 Channel DSP 12 Channel DSP
Multi-channel Adaptive Basic
4G 3G


How We Localize Sound

Hunters, and the animals we hunt, are designed with two ears, so brains gather different information in each ear with slightly different clues. Because ears are on opposite sides of the head, the sounds heard by either ear will vary in timing, volume, and frequency. These differences are the clues your brain uses to decode a sound’s location.

Let’s say sound is coming from the left: 

Variations in Timing: That sound hits the left ear milliseconds before hitting the right ear.

Variations in Loudness: That sound will be slightly louder in the left ear than the right ear.

Variations in Frequency: Because the head blocks some frequencies, the left ear will get all the frequencies, while the right ear gets less frequency information.

At TETRA, our hearing scientists have designed AmpPod technology to maximize your hearing clues in both ears.

30 Day Guarantee

You'll love your new TETRA devices or you'll get your money back. Try them for 30 days, risk free.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Charles D.
United States United States
Hearing More Distant Gobbles

Overall, I am very pleased with how well the Turkey AmpPods have helped me hear distant gobbles. I have heard turkeys gobble at distances I could not have heard without them. Of the three gobblers I have killed this season, I would not have heard two of them without the Turkey AmpPods. Determining the direction of sound with them is good and you can still effectively use a mouth call with them. They also seem to attenuate muzzle blast to a degree. My only negative comment is that the battery life is not real long.

Walter D.
United States United States
Turkey AmpPods

Purchased the Turkey AmpPods premium. I have been wearing them a little over a week while hunting. They work great. PROS Comfort ---- these are the best feeling hearing aids I have worn. I used to have a custom set of hunting hearing aids that would make your ear itch after a short period of time. You forget you have these in. Sound ---- great sound with little background noise. You can really hear the turkeys. As I stated before I had a custom pair of hunting hearing aids. They amplified every sound. The noise of grass crunching under your feet or your clothes rubbing against each other would distract you from regular sounds. These aids keep all that background noise at a minimum. Turkey Call Sounds - this is one of the best features. Your calls sound just the same as if you did not have the aids in (except a little louder). Fit ---------- this is a little different than comfort. When I first put the amp pods in I thought they would fall out at any time. They do not. They amazingly stay put without being custom molded. CONS Level Changes on its own - As much as I love the amp pods I do have one issue. There are 4 settings or in other words volume levels with the pods. To cycle up through the levels you tap the pods twice. When driving in my truck on my property they sometimes cycle to the next level without tapping them. They have set the sensitivity level on the twitching of the levels as low as they can but it still changes. This is just an FYI. They have NEVER changed levels either walking to or from my blind or anytime during the hunt.

William W.
United States United States
Turkey AmpPods

So far everything seems great, I’ve been testing them out in my turkey scouting. I feel that I’m hearing sounds that I haven’t heard in quite some time. Just this passed Saturday I’m pretty sure I would of never heard the 4 gobblers I heard without them, they were really far away and I could definitely hear them good enough to put myself in the hunt. The big test will be when I’m hunting with my son to see if I can hear as good as him, I used to get mad when he would say there’s one he just answered you and I could never hear it!! So far I’m loving everything about them!! Thanks for helping me out!

Jerre L.
United States United States

They are absolutely great. I am hearing turkeys that I have never heard before, and it makes me stay in the woods a lot longer. My wife is my hunting partner for the last 40 years and she cannot believe the birds that I can hear now! So I have a witness. Thanks for taking good care of us looking forward to seeing you in the near future in Florida.

Harold L.

They are the best I have tried. Only trouble I have had is they change levels when I cough or the wind blows on them very hard.