Fatherā€™s Day Gift Guide

Tetra Hearing DeviceThe fact of the matter is that most hunters donā€™t wear hearing protection while hunting because we donā€™t want to take away from the hunting experience.Ā Tetra HearingĀ is the worldā€™s first hearing device with built-in Specialized Target Optimization, that...

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TETRA Turkey AmpPods Review

Detecting and locating that distant gobbler can mean the difference in filling your tag or going home empty-handed.Ā Get your edge back with TETRA AmpPods.As turkey hunters across the nation are enjoying the spring season, hearing technology company,Ā TETRA, is giving hunters...

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TETRA Hearingā„¢ | Introducing the NEW AmpPod75

When TETRA Hearingā„¢ first debuted the AmpPod lineup, the accolades and consumer experience skyrocketed. From our patent-pending Turkey program to our patent-pending Big Game program, the goal originated from hearing protection, tied to technology specifically designed to heighten your overall...

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