Our team at TETRA Hearing™ put in countless days and long nights developing and perfecting our line of hearing technology. We poured over many form factors, digital processors, microphone placements, even colors, to bring to market what we are confident are the best hearing enhancement and protection options for the hunter. There are no bad choices when it comes to TETRA technology, but this blog will help you understand the similarities and differences in our 60 versus 90 level products so you can make the best choice for your needs.

AlphaShields in Hand

First the facts:

Both our 60 and 90 level products are PREMIUM.

If you compare the features of our 60-level models to other products on the market, the TETRA AlphaShield 60 and TETRA CustomShield 60 win every time. With 12-channel digital processing, digital noise reduction, three program options, optimal microphone placement, and feedback cancellation, the 60-level technology touts more features than competitors most premium and most expensive offerings.

But we didn’t stop there. We developed the 90-level technology to be the most advanced digital hearing technology the hunting world has ever seen. Suppliers even asked us, “Why are you putting a chip that sophisticated and expensive in a shooting or hunting product? No one else does that.”

Our answer was, “Exactly!”

Both our 60 and 90 level products include Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO)

Specialized Target Optimization is our patent-pending system that isolates and enhances the specific frequencies needed for the hunting environment. STO makes voices clear and calling natural while decreasing unwanted noise. Read more here.

Both our 60 and 90 level products include AlphaShield Compression

We designed AlphaShield Compression to instantly shut down for impulse noises, like gunshots, but to more proportionally protect for more extended loud levels like calling, motors, and equipment. This makes TETRA hearing protection sound more natural. Read more here.

TETRA case dove hunting

What are the differences in the 60 and 90 technology? Here are some things to consider.

1. Do you think you have hearing loss?

For hunters and shooters with hearing loss, the 90-level products include a personalized hearing profile. By taking our quick online hearing test, we will develop a custom prescription for your TETRA products geared specifically for your hearing needs. This can be beneficial in a couple of ways. First, if we know exactly what sounds (pitches) you have trouble with, we can compensate by giving those sounds more boost. Second, many shooters have asymmetrical hearing loss. A right-handed shooter, for example, tends to have more hearing loss in his or her left ear because it is closer to the muzzle and not blocked by the head during the shot. The personalized hearing profile compensates for differences in hearing between ears making sound more balanced and improving our ability to tell where sounds come from.

This article discusses asymmetrical hearing loss among shooters.

If you have no hearing loss (and are interested in keeping it that way) the 60-level products may be your best bet.

2. Wind noise reduction

Both our 60 and 90-level products work well in windy conditions. We chose microphone locations to avoid wind turbulence which is what causes excessive wind noise. We even had field testers try to create wind noise by riding ATVs and hunting in gusty conditions and we have yet to have a negative report. The 90-level takes wind noise reduction even a step further. The 90-level products can isolate a frequency with wind turbulence and automatically reduce that channel to quickly eliminate the noise.

 3. ClearComm™

Another difference in our 60 and 90 level features is a proprietary algorithm called ClearComm. ClearComm is designed to make human voices clearer. Need to use your TETRA products outside of hunting? Television? Conversations? With your spouse? The ClearComm feature is available in the 90-level technology.

4. Voice-prompts

While not a performance difference, the 90-level products include voice-prompts that indicate the current setting. For example, changing the program from program 1, Waterfowl, to program 2, Waterfowl Boost, you will hear a voice say the words “Waterfowl Boost.” This a cool feature that is only in the 90-level technology. 


5. Other differences

 This comparison chart shows the features available in the 60 and 90 levels.


If you still have questions of what TETRA technology is right for you, email us at [email protected]. When it comes to doing what is best for your hearing and hunting experience, any choice of TETRA technology is a great decision. We also have 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love your choice, we will exchange or refund your purchase in full within 30-days. We are that confident that you will love hearing perfection with TETRA.