Introducing Tetra Bluetooth

When we say HEAR THE HUNT, we mean it to the core.  For the TETRA Hearing™ team, part of us Hearing The Hunt is listening to our customers. Today we introduce to you our newest line of TETRA technology designed specifically to improve the hearing that can be taken everywhere and anywhere - the Bluetooth CustomShield by TETRA Hearing™, the perfect blend of personalization and simplicity.

Bluetooth CustomShield®


Take out the ‘Huh?’ and have more meaningful convsersations with our built-in microphones that filter out ambient noise via our ClearComm™ technology. This along with our static-free system allow for seamless sounds when it comes to listening to that duck camp playlist or even telling our favorite tailgate stories following a hunt!

While developing our first-ever Bluetooth device by TETRA Hearingâ„¢ we wanted to bring out the best, for a better experience that pairs perfectly with our technology that allows us to stand apart from the rest. As a hearing technology company, and years of trial and error, Bluetooth 5.3 was the perfect fit to bring a listening experience that yields seamless and reliable connectivity for your everyday life to the field.

Always active, the Environmental Mic, applicable in the Bluetooth CustomShield Device(s) by TETRA Hearingâ„¢, is designed to fully hear and monitor your surroundings. This feature was a necesssity when it comes to personal safety.

Our Triple-Driver devices allow for advanced filtering that isolates sound frequencies from each other more accurately. Our goal by implement this system at TETRA Hearingâ„¢ is to create a refined listening experience with precise sound frequencies from the low-end all the way up to the high-end.

This allows us to continue to bring you our patented, pursuit-based programs [Standardized Target Optimizationâ„¢ - STO], picking up the precise sounds you want to hear.

Our devices are built to monitor the sound around you, preventing the unwanted noise from ever reaching your ears. Our Bluetooth Devices listen to the outside noise frequencies and emit the exact opposite signal to effectively ‘cancel out’ accordingly.

Because the technology uses lower power signals, our Bluetooth devices at TETRA Hearingâ„¢ require a minimal amount of energy , meaning you can go further, longer.

Cut down on wind noise that takes away from your next adventure. Since the beginning of TETRA, the great outdoors is our playground and mother nature’s elements are encountered often! At TETRA our patented, pursuit-based programs are designed to cut down wind noise that takes away from your next adventure.