Pods: In-the-Ear Electronic Hearing Enhancement

Turkey AmpPods Turkey AmpPods


Optimized to enhance the most critical sounds for the turkey hunter.
Deer AmpPods Deer AmpPods


Optimized to enhance the most critical sounds for the deer hunter.
Multi-Pursuit AmpPods Multi-Pursuit AmpPods


Optimized to enhance the most critical sounds for the deer, elk, and turkey hunter.
Elk AmpPods Elk AmpPods


Optimized to enhance the most critical sounds for the elk hunter.

Hearing amplifiers for hunting

Hearing is a huge part of enjoying the hunt, but also performance. TETRA hearing scientists acoustically analyzed the vocalization and movement sounds of turkey, deer, and elk, and developed the world’s first hearing systems designed to detect and enhance the exact sounds needed for better identification and location of these game animals. AmpPods fit comfortably in the ear canal, maximizing the natural directionality of your outer ear to improve localization. AmpPods give hunters an edge (or give them their edge back) by making detection of animals, judging distance, and telling direction significantly better.

Our Technology

Specialized Target Optimization
AmpPods feature patent pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO). STO is the world’s first hearing technology that isolates and enhances the exact frequencies needed to improve hearing for your specific hunting environment. STO accentuates gobbles, clucks and purrs for turkeys, barks and bugles for elk, and grunts, bleats and footsteps for deer while keeping other sounds at normal, natural levels.


How We Localize Sound

Hunters, and the animals we hunt, are designed with two ears, so brains gather different information in each ear with slightly different clues. Because ears are on opposite sides of the head, the sounds heard by either ear will vary in timing, volume, and frequency. These differences are the clues your brain uses to decode a sound’s location.

Let’s say sound is coming from the left: 

Variations in Timing: That sound hits the left ear milliseconds before hitting the right ear.

Variations in Loudness: That sound will be slightly louder in the left ear than the right ear.

Variations in Frequency: Because the head blocks some frequencies, the left ear will get all the frequencies, while the right ear gets less frequency information.

At TETRA, our hearing scientists have designed AmpPod technology to maximize your hearing clues in both ears.