As we advance from season to season, the term ‘Off-Season’ has become a thing of the past. The work you put in today yields results for tomorrow. Whether you’re a waterfowler, wing shooter, whitetail hunter or turkey chaser… we know what it takes to put in the work and keep them coming back.

Our goal here at TETRA Hearing™ is to set the STANDARD. Protect your ears today so you can #HEARTHEHUNT tomorrow. With this in mind, we wanted to share the importance of wearing hearing protection, by introducing our newest campaign, #THETETRATRUTH, with the goal of setting the standard.

There is power in knowing. Continue reading below to learn more about #THETETRATRUTH, and the FACTS relative to hearing loss as we prepare for that upcoming season.

Moderate hearing loss increases the risk of Dementia or Alzheimer’s by three times.

15 minutes or less of unprotected extreme noise could permanently damage your hearing.

The threshold for permanent hearing loss is around 85 dB (decibels).


A chainsaw producing 110 dB (decibels) can cause permanent hearing loss in as little as 2 minutes.


The LAND MANAGEMENT Program was built to block the dangerous noise above the safe hearing threshold. But as soon as you stop, they will allow you to communicate normally (or even better). This eliminates the need to put them in and take them out constantly. As an example, let’s say you’re cutting firewood or removing trees for a food plot on your property. While the chainsaw is in use, our AlphaShield Compression Technology® limits the overall noise to a safe level so your ears are protected. But when you stop the saw, our Specialized Target Optimization (STO)™ technology makes voices and other ambient noises sound crisp, clear, and natural, even though the products are still in your ear canal.


As we advance from season to season, #THETETRATRUTH will spearhead the way by informing the end-user of the risks involved in participating with the specific activities we as sportsmen and women mark on the calendar year after year. 




Available options:

. TETRA Hearing™ | Land Management Program Add-On

. TETRA Hearing™ | Land Management AlphaShield

. TETRA Hearing™ | Land Management CustomShield Rechargeable 


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About TETRA Hearing™


“When we set out to build TETRA Hearing™ three years ago we never dreamed we could impart so much in how people hunt and how they value their hearing. In three short years, I am so proud of this team in the fact that we have outfitted and protected over 30,000 ears, totally redefining their experience and adventures in the great outdoors”, said Dr. Bill Dickinson, AuD.


TETRA Hearing™ was conceived and founded by Bill Dickinson, AuD. and David Gnewikow, Ph.D. With 50 years combined experience in the hearing care industry and 80 years combined experience hunting, these two hearing doctors brought their knowledge, experience, ideas, and passions together to form TETRA. There were two driving ideas behind TETRA:

  • Perfected Protection: 86% of hunters don’t wear hearing protection while hunting. Over our careers of helping patients with hearing loss, we’ve seen what a lifetime of noise exposure from hunting does to the hearing, and the lives of our patients. We set out with the goal of developing hearing technology that hunters would actually wear and use. Our products are premium technology, comfortable, and give hunters a natural hearing experience, while still protecting their hearing
  • Targeted Enhancement: A lifetime of noise exposure from hunting, loud equipment, motors and more can rob us of our hunting edge. Hearing loss makes it harder to detect our game and almost impossible to tell distance and direction. We developed our patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO), the world’s first hearing technology designed optimize hearing for hunters in their specific hunting environments. TETRA gives hunters an edge and gives them their edge back.

TETRA Hearing™ builds custom experiences that can live on from generation to generation, while simultaneously bringing health benefits to the outdoor space that we all hold near and dear.