For the Season where we live to Hear the Flush…  

The WINGSHOOTERs Gear Guide w_ Kali l TETRA play


Our good friend, kali Parmley, co-host of Wild upland and editor-in-chief of Gun Dog magazine ran through some of her go-to items that line her vest for when she hits the field. If you’re looking for the right items for the wingshooter in your life, Kali has run these items through the gauntlet… 


Tetra Hearing™ WingShooterCustomShields 

At TETRA, we use our patent-pending Standardized Target Optimization™ (STO) technology to isolate the exact frequencies associated with a variety of pursuits and created custom programs to enhance the sounds you most need/want to hear – like voices and birds flushing – and protect you from those you don’t, like loud gun shots. Now, with our Wingshooter device, you can get custom programming in one convenient device, and changing between program as easy as a push of a button. Learn more at


Apex Ammunition Upland TSS 20gauge 

TSS is the most lethal and versatile alloy ever created. Light, fast and agile, it’s the ultimate shotshell even for upland hunting. Non-toxic has always meant reduced performance and with federal and state regulations increasing the mandate of non-toxic shot, you’ll sacrifice nothing. Simply put, we built this to be the ultimate upland round for any hunt.

Garmin Alpha 200i 

STRONG CONNECTION. STRONG BOND. Track and train your dogs with the Alpha 200i system, featuring inReach® technology1, a sunlight-readable 3.5” capacitive touchscreen and user-friendly, six-button design2.


Leupold Katmai Polarized Sunglasses 

The Katmai is the choice for any adventurer. Lightweight, shatterproof, rugged, and exceptionally clear; they can be trusted to keep your eyes fresh and your vision true. 


Final Rise Legacy Vest System 

The Final Rise Legacy System was created for the upland hunter that knows exactly what they need to carry afield and nothing more. This simplified vest checks all the boxes for the essentials at a jaw dropping 2.25 lbs. Designed by a fellow wingshooter, the Legacy is perfect for hunts that don’t require carrying as much water for extended periods of time or where you’re frequently moving spots, swapping dogs or hunting smaller parcels that allow you to be back to the truck when needed. 


Victor Pet High-Pro Strips 

VICTOR Hi-Pro Strips are an ideal high protein snack for active and sporting dogs looking for a nutritious treat that keeps rewarding. Helping to fuel your dog’s high physical demands, Hi-Pro Strips feature high-quality beef as the first ingredient and are formulated with our VPRO Blend that helps maximize your dog’s genetic potential and works to promote your dog’s metabolism, strengthen digestion, boost immune response and support a healthy skin and coat.