Tetra Squirrel Purr

After decades of hunting and shooting my hearing has paid the price for not wearing hearing protection. In the early days it just was not on our minds. My passion of hearing a turkey gobble at first light on roost has led me to Tetra. Realizing I was not hearing the little things like a turkey drumming until he was on top of me or like hunting with my son and he looks at me and says, dad you hear those turkeys scratching in the leaves, I had a problem!

This past week I got to test my Tetra Turkey Pods in the woods on a south Florida turkey hunt. Let’s just say No Bull they just work! I heard things I had not really heard in a long time. It was a surprise to hear a squirrel purr as he was above me looking down at a CAMO critter under his tree. He just kept purring because he was curious. I can’t tell you the last time I heard that!  

One night we had rain and the next morning the rain drops were coming down everywhere. For those of you that never hunted south Florida the palm fronds are everywhere above you and when a drop of rain hits one it’s noisy. With the Tetra turkey pods I could immediately tell the direction, same way with crows off in the distance, it was instant, I knew the direction. 

Look out turkeys I’m back in the game!