William Frawley
Manager of Customer Relations, TETRA Hearing™


Millions of deer hunters work all year to become more effective killers in the fall. We tune our bows and sight-in our guns more than necessary, collect thousands of trail-cam pics all year, put in enough tractor time to qualify as a farmer, and spend untold hours deciphering maps to pattern that big buck.

So, riddle me this: Why go through all the time, money, and preparation only to have that buck slip around you and get downwind, all because you never heard him coming? Why let your hearing loss give him the edge?

Hear 360° Degrees in the Deer Stand

Good hearing is an afterthought for most deer hunters. The typical hunter is more concerned about his weapon, concealment and comfort. No one ever thinks of his ears as fine-tuned instruments to extend the range of his woods radar.

Picture yourself in your favorite tree stand or ground blind, and look straight ahead. What can you see with your head completely still? How many scrapes, trails, and creek crossing are out of your line of sight? Without movement, your line of sight only allows you to see 180 degrees, leaving the other 180 degrees behind you depending on your ears. Your ears supply your brain with information from 360 degrees. If your ears are tuned into the hunt, you won’t have to move your head to check your surroundings, which means you can sit down and be quiet. After all, Fred Bear said it best: “The best camouflage pattern is called, ‘Sit down and be quiet!’” And we know all too well that movement gets ya dead.

Not Your Grandfather’s Deer Hunt

Lighter, faster, stronger, smaller, and more powerful have become the way of the contemporary deer hunter. Digital range finders, GPS property maps on our cell phones, ozone-destroying machines that remove human scent from the air, and high-speed bows slinging feather-light arrows at lightning speed all make us more efficient deer hunters. I am confident Granddad would have a stroke if he saw all the gear I consider “needed” for deer hunting. If he had to choose, he would give up all of those technological advances just to have better hearing. Actually, if I could ask him, he would immediately give me that look, tilt his right ear toward me, lift his eyebrows and say, “huh… whatcha say?”

Most hunters have subjected their ears to hostile environments. All of the loud music, engines, gun blasts, power tools and heavy equipment take a toll on our hearing across a lifetime. Now, Grandad and many hunters like him can have better hearing in the deer woods, thanks to TETRA Deer AmpPods


Hunt Longer, Harder, and Smarter with TETRA Deer AmpPods

The two hearing doctors who created TETRA had a very simple vision: create an awesome sound experience for hunting, and protect the ear. Deer AmpPods amplify the sounds you need to hear while deer hunting – like grunts, bleats, snort wheezes, breaking twigs, and leaves crunching – making your audio range much broader than your naked or damaged ears. Not only do they extend your range in all directions, they also fit securely in the ear canal, allowing your ears to gather sound naturally so you can discern distance and direction. By extending your listening range and amplifying sounds specific to deer hunting, you can be more certain of what you’re hearing.

Deer hunters spend many hours in the woods, and many hours thinking about being in the woods. We love the entire process: the preparation, the excitement, and putting all of our hard work and woodsman’s instincts against those of the beasts that live there. To quote Fred Bear again, “Take only the gear to the field that allows you to hunt longer, harder, and smarter.”  

If you or someone you know is hunting with less-than-perfect hearing, there’s a hearing technology that provides you with all three of Fred’s wise requirements. Hunt longer, harder, and smarter with perfect hearing by TETRA.