Here at TETRA Hearing™, conservation is a large part of who we are. We are stewards of the land. We are those that eat what we harvest and use the natural resources we've been blessed with responsibly. We provide habitat restoration, improvements and access. We provide funding through our Hunting Licenses, Migratory Bird Stamps and the purchases we make year after year that contribute back to this passion of ours.  

By partnering with the right Wildlife Conservation Organizations, we are making a change on how we do things here at TETRA. From now on, when you vow to 'Protect Your Ears', 2% of Your Hearing Gear purchase will go directly to the conservation group of your choosing. This way, TOGETHER, we can #HearTheHunt and ensure that Conservation always remains top-of-mind!! 

To take this a step further, and to truly ‘get our hands dirty’, the TETRA Hearing™ team will have boots-on-the-ground for conservation, working together with the conservation organizations we’ve partnered with restore wildlife habitats, assist in special projects and educate the next generation on the importance of wearing hearing protection! 

Below are the valued partners of the #HearTheHunt Conservation Initiative by TETRA Hearing™ : 

As a hearing technology company, we have set a standard in innovation, all while preserving ears so more memories can be made afield. ‘#HearTheHunt Conservation initiative by TETRA Hearing™ is a first of it’s kind when it comes to pairing Hearing Technology and Conservation! The overall goal of the #HearTheHunt Conservation initiative here at TETRA is to give back to the passions that drive us afield, all while together, ‘setting the standard’ when it comes to protecting ears for that next generation. The sounds of turkey’s gobbling, those whistling wings overhead or even bull elk bugle in the distance is why we do what we do and it’s an incredible story to tell alongside the conservation organizations we’ve partnered with” and we made it specifically to do everything you need and more’, said Lucas Mashtare, VP of Marketing and Communications here at TETRA Hearing™.  


 TETRA Hearing™ was conceived and founded by Bill Dickinson, Au.D. and David Gnewikow, Ph.D. With 50 years combined experience in the hearing care industry and 80 years combined experience hunting, these two hearing doctors brought their knowledge, experience, ideas, and passions together to form TETRA. There were two driving ideas behind TETRA: 

  • Perfected Protection:  86% of hunters don’t wear hearing protection while hunting. Over our careers of helping patients with hearing loss, we’ve seen what a lifetime of noise exposure from hunting does to the hearing, and the lives of our patients. We set out with the goal of developing hearing technology that hunters would actually wear and use. Our products are premium technology, comfortable, and give hunters a natural hearing experience, while still protecting their hearing 
  • Targeted Enhancement: A lifetime of noise exposure from hunting, loud equipment, motors and more can rob us of our hunting edge. Hearing loss makes it harder to detect our game and almost impossible to tell distance and direction. We developed our patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO), the world’s first hearing technology designed optimize hearing for hunters in their specific hunting environments. TETRA gives hunters an edge and gives them their edge back. 

Our goal at TETRA Hearing™ is to build custom experiences that can live on from generation to generation, while simultaneously bringing health benefits to the outdoor space that we all hold near and dear.