Pre-Purchase FAQ’s


How do I know what device is best for my hunting & hearing needs?

Selecting and ordering the best TETRA Hearing™ device for your needs is very easy and is completed in three simple steps:

  1. Determine your hunting or shooting activity (waterfowl, turkey, deer, range, etc).
  2. Do you know or suspect that you have hearing loss? If you have hearing loss, you will want to consider the 90-level technology in any TETRA product, because it can be custom programmed to fit your exact hearing loss, after completing our on-line hearing test.
  3. Place your order directly on our website or contact our dedicated TETRA customer service for any assistance in the order process.

I want to buy TETRA for someone I care about. How do I pick out what device is best for them?

Congrats, you are going to make someone very happy!

Here is what you want to consider when selecting their device: What type of hunting do they like to do? If ducks, then consider our AlphaShield waterfowl line.

If turkey or elk or deer is their type of hunting, then we have TETRA products called AmpPods specifically designed for hunting those animals. If shooting skeet or any activity on a gun range is their thing, then look at the TETRA RangeShield products.

Do they have any hearing loss - or do you THINK that they may have hearing loss? If yes, then you will want to consider any of the TETRA 90-level devices, because we can then customize those 90-level technologies specifically for their hearing loss.

Do you think they would enjoy the most customized fit possible? Then you will want to explore the TETRA CustomShield products.

Regardless of what you choose, rest assured that we are so confident they will love their TETRA devices, that we offer a 30 day, no risk money back guarantee that promises they will love it or we will make it right.

Is the on-line hearing test accurate?

TETRA’s on-line hearing test is accurate and valid. This is accomplished through a unique calibration procedure that matches the loudness of your headphones or earphones to the loudness of the digital calibration signal. It cool, accurate and easy!

What is the Personal Hearing Profile (PHP)?

It is best to think of the Personal Hearing Profile (PHP) as your personalized prescription to optimize your hearing ability - both during the hunt and everyday life. After you complete the on-line hearing test, the technicians at TETRA will apply a scientifically proven formula to provide a perfect blend of base and treble to maximize your hearing performance.

What is the benefit of a custom fit TETRA?

TETRA CustomShield is the most personally customized fit of any TETRA device. It requires simple impressions or cast of your ears, typically done by a hearing care professional. Please call TETRA Customer Service and we will gladly help you find a close and convenient location for you to obtain this ear impressions.

How long does it take to receive my TETRA products once I place an order?

AlphaShield and AmpPods orders are shipped on the next business day by priority US mail and will arrive in 2-3 days. Allow 3-4 days for 90-level products with the personalized hearing profile.

CustomShield products require our lab to manufacture shells and will be shipped to you approximately 14 days after we receive your ear impressions.

I have used competitor hearing protection devices before and they were not very good for hunting. How is TETRA different?

Great question. TETRA is different in many ways compared to other devices on the market. TETRA was created by two hearing doctors and life-long hunters. We have taken the most premium hearing technology in the industry and designed products specifically for hunters.

A feature exclusive to TETRA is our patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization (STO). STO is the world’s first hearing technology that isolates and enhances the exact frequencies needed to improve hearing for your specific hunting environment.

Another major benefit is our commitment to fully optimize your hearing experience during the hunt, while always protecting your hearing from gunshots and damaging noise.

TETRA has revolutionary new sizes and styles, which greatly improves comfort for all day wearing. Those are just a few examples of how TETRA is truly in a class of its own.

Post-Purchase Support



What happens if my TETRA gets wet?

All TETRA devices come with nano coating - free of charge. Nano coating is a thin, transparent film that protects the sophisticated electronic parts from moisture. At TETRA, we consider nano coating to be water resistant, or able to repel water. Unlike some manufacturers, we do not consider nano coating to make the devices waterproof.

If the device happens to get wet, such as dropped in water, heavy sweating or hard rain, then it is imperative to get the device dried out as soon as possible. Blow hard on the device or spray compressed air on the device immediately to remove any water molecules, then place in a warm (not hot), dry space. For example, sitting on the window sill in the sun. DO NOT heat the device or place in an oven or microwave.

What if my device stopped working?

If your device stops working, there are two likely two culprits:

    1. The battery has run out
    2. The sound port is plugged with wax

      Replacing the battery and cleaning the sound port are simple procedures that can easily be completed at home or in the field. These and other troubleshooting procedures are described in detail in your owner's manual or in the on-line support videos.

      Is there much maintenance involved with TETRA devices.

      TETRA devices are designed for minimal maintenance. Be sure to replace batteries and keep the sound port free of wax and debris. Maintenance activities are described in detail in your owner's manual and in the on-line support videos.

      What about the batteries?

      Batteries for your TETRA devices are easily accessible and simple to replace. Batteries for TETRA are the same type used in common hearing aid devices. Please see your owner's manual for the exact size for your TETRA device.
      Batteries can be disposed of in regular garbage. Recycling of these batteries is not necessary, since they are made primarily of zinc. Batters are harmful if swallowed. If ingested, please call the battery hotline at 1-202-625-3333.

      How long do batteries last?

      The zinc-air batteries for your TETRA devices will last for 90 hours of actual use time. Once activated by pulling the sticker off, zinc-air battery do have a limited shelf life. We recommend replacing the batteries if you haven't used them in 3-4 weeks.

      How to check if my TETRA device is covered under warranty?

      TETRA products have a one-year limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects of the product. If you have a problem with your TETRA device, please contact customer service to check to see if your device is still covered under warranty.

      If the warranty coverage has expired, our TETRA customer service team will inform you of your repair options.

      Can I get my TETRA device repaired if it is no longer in warranty?

      Although it depends on several factors, such as age of the device and the type of repair necessary, it may be possible to repair your TETRA device out of warranty. If you have a problem with your TETRA device, please contact customer service to check on your repair options.

      Problems with physical fit


      My TETRA device is making my ear sore. What do I do?

      If your ear becomes sore after wearing a new or old TETRA device, stop using immediately and give your ear a few days (3-10 days) to overcome the soreness.

      • Soreness can result from several reasons:
      • Inappropriate tip size
      • Inappropriate device size
      • Allergic reaction to device or tip material
      • Inappropriate device insertion
      • Inappropriate device use (such as sleeping with a TETRA device in your ear)
      • Inappropriate ear impression if a CustomShield product

      Attempt to troubleshoot what is causing your ear soreness, such as trying different sized tips or practicing device insertion. If soreness does not return, they you solved your own problem successfully. If soreness does resume, please contact customer service to explore your options.

      My TETRA device frequently squeals or whistles (called acoustic feedback). What do I do?

      TETRA devices have been designed to instantly turn on when there is a good battery in the door and the door is closed into the device. Hence, it is normal for the device to squeal or whistle (feedback) while inserting into the ear.

      However feedback is not normal when the device is correctly seated into the ear, with the exception if there is a hand or hat or telephone placed over the device. If frequent or constant feedback persists, it is likely due to one or more of the following:

      • Excessive wax in the ear canal
      • Incorrect insertion in the ear
      • Incorrect tip size or material
      • Change in how the device fits the ear (such as excessive weight loss or gain)