At TETRA Hearing™ we want to honor the brave men and women of this country who have selflessly given so much, so that we all may enjoy so much. TETRA has chosen to give the gift of hearing in celebration of this year’s Veteran's Day

With every purchase of a pair of TETRA 90-level devices, TETRA will give a pair of TETRA AlphaShield devices, at no cost, to an eligible veteran of your choice.

Promotion Details 

  • Purchase any pair of TETRA 90-level devices (Shield Series or Amp Series) and we’ll give an eligible veteran of your choice a pair of beige TETRA AlphaShield 60 devices (either waterfowl or range model).

  • Promotion timeline is for 3 days, starting Saturday, November 9, 2019, at 12:00 a.m. and ending at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, November 11, 2019 (Central Standard Time). 

  • To get the discount:

    • Add a pair of 90-level devices of your choice, along with a pair of the beige AlphaShield 60 devices (waterfowl or range), to your cart.

    • At checkout, enter discount code THANKAVET to see the discount applied. (NOTE: Discounts or promotional codes can not be combined.)

    • After checkout, email the veteran’s name, address and phone number along with proof of veteran status to [email protected]. Veteran eligibility is confirmed by submission of a state issued driver’s license or valid Veteran ID card. Veteran information and proof of eligibility must be received by 12:00 a.m. December 1, 2019 (Central standard time zone).



This year it's more than personal. 

The two most prominent guiding lights in my life are war veterans. My grandfather served 46 days shy of two years in the South Pacific during WWII. Grandpa was 31 the day he volunteered to join the Army, married, and helping his father run a successful family business. Three days prior, his younger brother had been drafted and joining Lil Johnny “was just the right thing to do.” 

My father was one of the many Marines who didn't know where Vietnam was the day he received his deployment papers. Dad’s first tour lasted 14 months, which earned him almost 90 days of approved leave – just enough time to meet and fall in love with Mom. To the dismay of friends, family and his new love, Dad volunteered to return to Vietnam for another tour. In his head, “it was such a mess over there, it was just the right thing to do.” 

Celebrating Veteran's Day has always been very personal for me, but this year it takes on a much different level. I walked away from comfortable and lucrative corporate job offers to pursue my dream of creating something of value, serving others, and owning my own business. I chose to pursue a greater calling, rather than play the safe and secure game. 

Listen to Life with Curiosity…. 

Growing up in a family of veterans, my life lessons included many of the core principles instilled in our US Military: honor, discipline, respect, commitment, God… these were the fundamental building blocks of my upbringing. Other than a few speed bumps during my teens, I know that I am a better man, husband, father today because of such life lessons. My life was enriched, because I was willing to listen, learn, and adhere to the advice of others who had seen, done, and accomplished so much. 

While I did not end up on the formal military path, I was bitten by the same entrepreneurial bug as my father and grandfather. Both were successful, and most of all, happy, small business owners. Given the recent successful launch of TETRA, not a day has passed without thought of the veterans in my life and all they have taught me. Their commitment, in and out of the military, paved the road for my life to prosper.

Nothing ever given. Always earned.

The chance to have a cold beer and cheeseburger with my grandfather tomorrow, would be my definition of priceless. Knowing him, if he could bust Jesus out of heaven for a few hours, they would road trip to meet me!


God Bless America and God Bless our Veterans. 


Bill Dickinson, AuD
Co-Founder, TETRA